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Stephanie Barrett, Head of Digital Marketing & Communication, DreamQuark, +447710231388, stephanie.barrett@dreamquark.com

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DreamQuark is an artificial intelligence solution provider which enables wealth managers to leverage AI and their data in order to help identify the best actions or best investment products to recommend to their customers.

DreamQuark uses their artificial intelligence platform Brain to develop innovative solutions for wealth managers with an aim to democratise, explain and popularise AI. Thanks to simplified reports which justify decisions and recommendations to customers, DreamQuark is accessible and helps to increase user experience and satisfaction.

The platform lets businesses in the banking and insurance sectors understand their customers through deep learning, as well as reducing decision making time by speeding up data analysis and the decision model designing process.

The user-friendly solution Brain, aims to make AI accessible to as many people as possible by allowing users who aren’t trained in data science or coding to easily understand and interpret Brain’s decision making and its degree of critical sense.

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